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Earthquick in Padang. Indonesia

Earth Quick 7,6 SR in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia on Sept 30, 2009

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Tips treated the camera

Treated for the camera is very important because it is done without a camera without a good treatment will reduce the performance and reduce the faster your camera. so that the camera can be long-lived, always provide time for it. The process of cleaning the camera should be separate into 2 parts. That is part of the camera body and lens camera:

1. The tool in used :
Lens tissue
Lens cleaning fluid
Blower wind instrument or tool
Brush or brush
2. Camera body

First lap of the surface of the camera body easy to reach. Using a special cloth or lens cleaning cloth glasses. Because of the postwar, sweat patch at the hands of certain body. And that can cause corrosion (for the camera body of the iron), if not cleaned.
Usually there are corners that hard body reached by duster. And often dust small drop like that. For that use a blower and brush. Because the air from the blower can remove the dust. finishing touch with a dust mop with the rest of the dust-brush. Clean the mounting on the camera body with a towel. If still not clean. You can use a blower as cleaning of camera.

3. Camera lens

For the beginning, brush clean between the diaphragm ring and the focus ring brush. then clean the remaining dust using the blower, and continue with the clean lens. If plasticity is the point of dust can be removed using a blower. Suppose there is a fingerprint nempel, do not worry, provide clean cloth towel that has the soft contours. Then play dilap one direction slowly.
To filter using the camera enough cleaning tissue and fluid camera. take the lens tissue. after that teteskan little lens cleaning fluid. Way starting from the middle of dust and then rotate the lens until the lens edge. In this section you must be careful!
The last clear mounting the lens tissue or cloth. Clean until no visible dust. If you using the camera on the beach are strongly advised to clean the camera as soon as possible. Because the content is different from the coastal winds in the city. Air coastal salinity has a very high, which can cause the camera quickly erode.

4. Cover the camera

Put the camera in a plastic playpen soundproof. Add also on Silica gel. So that the fungus does not grow. Keep out of camphor and not stored in the cupboard. Try stored in the open in order not to damp quickly. for the camera to be stored a long time, remove the camera from the box once a week. about 1 hour to check whether the performance of the camera is still functioning properly. It also provides fresh air for the camera.

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Lighting, Timing and Composition

Lighting, Timing, and Composition is a blend that we have to do to get the beautiful images and interesting, in determining the exact blend is a must have sufficient knowledge to the field of photography and it's have many experience previously. for example we want to make a shooting scene in the stage, meaning that when we have to create an image that can represent the overall performance. Here, the timing when the camera is set. Two scenes that any dissent within seconds can be very different results.

Preparation before the event must be started, photographers do not come when the event starts on, and does not know the detail of the event will take place, photographers should come on the preparation stage also to do survey, so when the event takes place, can get an image that can represent the event it.

photographers will learn the story flow and show that the equipment is in the building, the scene is also very necessary to help create the image composition. In some instances, the composition of the selection picture really should be decided in a short time while viewing a scene that takes place. who choose not symmetrical composition with elements of smoke entering the eleman on the right. Decision will be choosing the more simple composition with the photographers taking a frequency.

So the performance that is passive without a dialogue between players, such as pointing clothing stage, photographers also have to conduct a survey before shooting, especially with the events took place many people to scramble for taking a required speed point. focus, composition and determine the exact time using the camera . lighting generally requires minimal lighting control measurement and selection of White Balance quickly and accurately. In some fashion show a big, light is used so commonly is daylight white light with the same balance sun. In the performance of smaller, light is generally used various levels of tungsten with the colors on the color of light. White balance processing is very important so that the colors in the images normal and correct.

during the shooting stage the most important is the lighting. With the implementation of the performance that night in general, a light background because the lightness only illuminate the object so that the main course we use a high ISO, more than ISO 400 .

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