Photos Under Exposure

Our Posting today, about tips on photography , I will try to discuss about tips for taking digital pocket camera, especially to prevent the photos under poor lighting or Exposure.

Usually, the pocket digital camera users complain that the captured image because they get less light (under Exposure), especially in flash photography (indoor), this is because the camera only on this type of built-in flash or the flash low light intensity, so that reach or location limited coverage, plus a habit for taking on the distance of maximum flash range.

That often happens when :
1. In the wide angle lens (max zoom out), only the middle pot is quite bright, while at the edge / corner, tend to be dark, this was due to the limited coverage area flash.
2. At the tele lens (max zoom in), tend to be less bright overall (under), is due to zoom in on the position, opening APERTURE wane, so needed more light, shortly flash reach a result.

To avoid this problem, we need to know the ability of a camera flash, the camera's pocket is generally given only reach max flashnya data, such as: wide angle: 3 m, tele: 2 m, at ISO 100.
Each increase of 1 stop / double (ISO 200), the distance range of flash page max increased 1.4 times, the increase in the 2 stop / quadruple (ISO 400) flash distance max increased 2 time, when the ISO down to its ½ (ISO 50) distance flash max decreased 0.7 times. To prevent so under Exposure, try taking in the distance before / at the bottom of the flash range max..


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