DSLR camera lens.

It is the secret for the photographer that the camera lens is the expensive price, it can be expensive even from the camera body itself, could reach $ 15,000, the price is also balanced with high quality images that be resulted, but we must be selective, the same things that we have previous tips on selecting and buying a DSLR camera , which is more important depending on the needs and economic origin is not cheap, because it will affect the image quality will be produced. What follows expensive DSLR camera lens:

1. optical lens elements is made with very high accuracy, only a few defects occur lens design that is made will affect the image produced later.

2. lenses have a variety of long focal from wide to tele, each have a distinctive level of difficulty in production.

3. the designers have to fight hard lenses negate many physics problems in a lens, such as Flare, distortion, vignetting, CA and others.

4. diaphragm design that much more difficult opening of the small openings, that is why small lens openings (slow lens) such as cheaper f/3.5 lens that's fast (like f/2.8)

5. design a zoom lens that have a constant opening far more difficult again, that's why zoom lenses such as Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 price is very expensive.

6. rapid increase in camera resolution DSLR demands a new lens for sharp, because when the sharpness of the lens can not compensate rapidly increasing resolution can not used.

7. lens brand to try alternative solutions to provide a cheaper lens (such as: Sigma, Tamron, Tokina etc.), they have a weak quality control, so many lenses, but less feasible selling passes to the market (bad copy), so beware of a certain brand.

8. filled with many modern lens technology, such as a new AF micro motor and stabilizer of the edges add the cost of production. production costs increase, prices also rose.

9. professionals willing to buy any expensive lenses because they understand the quality of the optical lens from which they buy, in the field fotography money is needed to produce beautiful photos and nice views ..

So if you want to buy a camera lens must thinking more, rather than regret after purchase, it is better to search more reference and ask about the quality and price whom to known it.


gate valves on July 24, 2009 at 6:09 PM said...

i agree with you. the lens is more important than the camera body itself. quality images are gathered by the lens. a wedding photographer told me. nice blog... :)

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