Identify types and Miscellaneous DSLR camera lens..

DSLR Camera Lens many types circulating in the market today, this is of course very confusing beginners who want to upgrade the default kit lens DSLR camera. Individual DLSR camera lenses have features and functions that different from one another. This is usually marked with the notation on each lens. Unfortunately, the brand is also a different notation to its lens. following this we will try to study how to read notation, notation on the types and Miscellaneous Lens DSLR Camera circulating in the market at this time.

This article will be discussed Types and Multiple Lens Canon only :
1. EF - Canon EF lenses can be used on all digital SLR camera Canon EOS. EF stands for Electro Focus, has the auto focus that can be driven by an Electro motor that is integrated in the lens body. All contact between the lens and the camera body is an electrically, there is no mechanical contact between the lens and the camera body.

2. USM - Ultrasonic Motor Drive - EF lenses equipped with USM drives, performance autofokus will be provide a more rapid, accurate and quiet, and consume less power compared with using the motor drive AF. There are two types of USM :
a. USM ring-type
b. USM micromotor .
USM Ring-type is always preferred because of superior performance and efficiency, and provide full-time manual focus operation without switching from the AF mode.

3. IS - Image stabilizer - Working memiminimalkan or even eliminate the blurred image due to fluctuation in the camera with the help of accelerometer

4. L - Series Lenses - the highest caste, and these range from a Canon camera lens has superior optical performance. made with a solid construction. resistance is used so intensively, in a long period of time and in any condition. This lens can be identified with a red circle around the front of the front of the lens.

5. EF-S - Mounting this lens is derived from the EF lens mount created for Canon DSLR cameras with APS-C sized image sensors.


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