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Today, digital photography is growing rapidly , and automatically leave the conventional ways that require extra time and cost to see a result, the digital photography easier for us to understand the photography, the images can we see at the LCD and enables us for evaluation quickly, because of technical data relating to the images seen and recorded before, different from the Conventional Photography, we must to print them first before we can see and evaluate the results of our photos, technical data will be our first record, so it takes a lot of spend cost and time to be able to improve the ability of our photography.
Photography digital art as painting with light, in this case the camera and lens that replaces the role of brush and paint. There are two things that hold the most important role in the camera and lens, the Shutter Speed and APERTURE.

Shutter Speed is the length of time needed to illuminate what the CMOS sensor on the CCD cameras and conventional film in the camera. Camera shown on the figures 250,125,60,30,15 ff. This means that the duration of irradiation is 1 / 250 sec, 1 / 125 sec, 1 / 60 seconds, atc.
The bigger number means faster time to use, this will create the effect of the still (freeze), for example, we will photograph objects that are moving, eg car, with the effect still, we need at least SHUTTER speed above 1 / 125 seconds
Conversely when we will be taking effect with the object moves, then the required SHUTTER speed of less than 1 / 125 seconds, preferably carried out by following the movement direction of the object, this technique called panning,
Two things also from the above depending on the speed of the object moves, the more rapidly moving object, it means that the higher the SHUTTER speed needed to acquire still or moving effects that we want, Note, the lower the SHUTTER speed, will also lead to the greater possibility of a camera shaking , which will cause the results to be rocking and the stapler is not sharp
To be safe, use the SHUTTER speed above 30 or 1 / 30 seconds, I really want SHUTTER lower speed, eg 1 / 15 sec, 1 / 8 seconds or less, use it or use a tripod..


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