Introduction of Aperture and ISO

APERTURE and ISO is the need to be understood by a good photographer not just for a hobby but also for who wants be a professional photography beside SHUTTER speed. APERTURE is the size of the lens that serves to enter and forward to the film or light sensor, the size is set through the size of the diaphragm. number of the camera, in general, contained 2.8; 4; 5.6 ff. the numbers, known as f-number, so called APERTURE (opener) f / 2.8, f / 4; f / 5.6 ff. APERTURE The greater the f-number small and the small diameter also, f/16 so diameternya smaller than f / 5.6

How it works similar APERTURE pupil on the human eye, the more incoming light, the smaller pupil diameter, as well as vice versa. APERTURE space is related to the sharp or depth of field, the larger f-number, eg f/22, sharpness of the range will be wide. This means that objects in the back and in front of the main focus has good sharpness. otherwise we will get blur effects / objekdi diagram for front and behind the main focus when using a small f-number, eg f / 2.8
Shutter speed and APERTURE should get together for Exposure appropriate. ISO role is also important, the higher the ISO is used, the sensitivity to light is the greater, so the lighting was poor, and APERTURE SHUTTER speed can still be used maximally. But keep in mind, the higher the ISO is used, will be the higher level noise or grain produced.

Exposure to know whether appropriate or not, the digital camera or conventional metering facilities available. So that the occurrence of over Exposure (excess lighting) or under Exposure (lack of lighting) can be minimized.

After understanding the basic techniques have been mastered, the next practice is needed, because the art of photography is identical with the moment, and a good moment not easily repeated, skill composition and determine the point of image capture can be developed over at least someone doing a lot of practice, the other is to improve of reference, books, internet, and other sources. how good a camera is only a tool, which determine who is behind the camera.


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