Introduction of Outdoor Flash

Yesterday we have discussed about the flash indoors, today we will try to discuss about outdoor flash. Blitz/flash on the camera not only be used in any room but also used for outdoor, sunlight does not guarantee a result good image, then it's also required the use of flash.

1. Use of the flash when object behind of the sun. In the cases, the camera meter will thinks atmosphere is quite light because the object is dark when we take a picture or under the strong light is useless because it is not reflected by an object.

2. Sun is perpendicular object. the flash shadows that appear under the nose and chin can be overcome. softness can be used light diffuser or bounce card (or Bounce diffuser will be discussed tomorrow).

3. Objects are on the open shade (shadow). Flash is used to obtain the same lighting on the entire object will create a shadow as dark gradation different parts of the object especially the human face.

4. The sky is blue and seduce. If we are not tempted by blue sky and get the real picture when the sky white outdoor photographs then please do the metering on the object without using a flash or with flash. If we lack real object as long as the light blue sky, please do the metering on the sky. Well, if we want to keep the sky blue as well as object lighting well, use the metering on the sky and fill flash on the object. This will produce the right blend and fit.

5. The sky clouded over. When the sky clouded over, you should use the flash because the effect will gloomy cloud, as if we are in the shadow.


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