Using of Blitz/Flash in the Room.

Blitz can be used in indoor and outdoor space, depending on needs, but the flash is used more in the room. The reason is because the lighting in the room is usually a bit less bright light to produce a good image. Indeed, there are techniques using SHUTTER slow speed to capture more light, but usually this is the picture a bit blur because of the fluctuation of movement of the cameraman and the images that we want. Therefore, we usually use the flash.

Using of flash is very simple, we can use in the digital camera settings and let auto perform its duties, or we can also make your own settings using the calculations have been done above, it is not difficult, but there are some things we need to look to get maximum results:

1. Photographs should not object too close to the flash facing the upright. for example with flash GN 20 that I was inadequate as an external flash for digital cameras in shooting indoor pool (not the hall). If we want to photograph objects on the distance of 2 meters with the ISO / ASA 200 then we need f/16 which is not available on most of the PDC and will make the picture over. Therefore, for the PDC / DSLR there is usually already built-in flash that has TTL and GN quite small (8-12 on the part of the PDC, 12-14 on the DSLR). Use of the flash to an external object that is closer.

2. Combine with flash SHUTTER slow speed to get the main object obtained with both light and background also has a good source of light. This is a technique that we should try and often produces a beautiful picture. Do not be afraid to use a low speed because the object is to have recorded freezing akan flash (freeze).

3. When the room is rather dark, be carefull with effects of a red eye. Red eye effect occurs because the eye pupil up to familiarize oneself with the lighting a little dark, but suddenly have a very bright light from the flash. If the camera and / or there is a flash facility pre-flash/red eye reduction, use this. If not, change the angle comes with flash light in order not to direct the eye.

4. In the room if there is a strong light source such as Spotlight, Avoid taking with facing directly to the source of strong light unless you want to get siluet that is not perfect (compensation under 1 - to 2 stop siluet good). In such conditions, use flash to fill in / illuminate an object you want is photogenic.


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